60mm 7 function 7 color Oil Pressure Gauge – Volt – Water and Oil temp

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Product Description

Messen – 7 function 7 color Oil Pressure gauge. I wish I had this gauge years ago. This is the same exact gauge Greddy used to sell for $400.00-500.00. I named it MESSEN and bought 50pcs. Either it was the $300.00 price tag or the new name, the sales were not where I thought they would be.  I cant envision my personal car with any other gauge at this point, one gauge , clean looking dash. I’m letting these last 40 pcs go at my cost.

No more rewiring through the firewall when you want to add a gauge and sensor. One gauge head not 4-5 gauge littering your dash. This  kit comes with 4 gauges to start: Oil Pressure , volt, water and Oil temp sensors, you can add  fuel pressure, EGT for a total of 7 functions

Shipping rate to continental US – I will ship anywhere for additional cost.

Display: PSI and Fahrenheit

– 60 mm bezel includes gauge holder / mounting bracket

– Kit includes Oil pressure sensor, volts,  oil temp  and water temp sensor

– Includes remote to change color and display settings.

– Full sweep 270 scale
– LED Backlight
– Opening Ceremony
– Needle self Calibration

– High precision smooth German Stepper Movement

– Easy quick connect pin-style wiring