52mm Depo Racing Wideband Air / Fuel Ratio Guage


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Product Description

Depo Racing Japan – Same cost as Prosport but the Quality of Defi. Dont Invest your time with a gauge install and use a cheap gauge that is not accurate or will die after a few months. This is the gauge in Japan and Asia that is known to deliver all the accuracy at a fair price.

When tuning a car for power a wideband air fuel is needed. You can not rely on a narrow band. They are inaccurate and can lead to engine failure. If you are unsure of the difference send me a quick message.

This gauge is as good as they come. The gauge has been designed specifically for this Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor and the accuracy is down to .001 AFR.This has a 0-5v output for tuning. I have personally installed my same gauge in 4 cars and tuned them. Comes with the bung for attaching to exhaust (before cat is best). This is Bosch’s newest and best sensor to date.