Oil Filter Sandwich Plate M22 x 1.5


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Product Description

M22 x 1.5 – Aluminum- you must confirm your size

This is a great product to make installing your Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature senders easy. This plate screws on under your oil filter and it has 4 1/8″ NPT fittings. So, no more drilling and taping holes. Just unsrew your oil filter, screw the plate down in the same manner as you would install your oil filter, and then screw your oil filter back on and install our Oil Pressure or Oil Temperature senders.

M22 x 1.5 – Fits Mazda 6, Ford (6.8L super duty, 4.0L Mustang, Explorer, sport trac, Mustang GT 4.6L, 5.4L F-Series, Metric Mercury V6/V8, Metric Honda Civic/CRX & Some Metric Chevy’s and Fords.