Evo X 3.5″ Intercooler Slight Blemish


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I have a few Evo X 3.5″ with Slight Blemish, bent fins that were straightened, ding in the support frame, etc. All of these will function 100% and look 100% on the car. I will not be taking and sending pics.I use these on my cars, actually the only parts I use are the blemish parts. Thanks

I designed this to compete with the best in the business like AMS, ETS , Perrin etc.

“MY 3.5″INTERCOOLER is on the fastest pump gas EVO X in the WORLD ” member Darksun280 evoxforums.com 10.971@128.25 Darksun280

– 20″ x 12″ x 3.5″ Bar and Plate Core
– Rolled pipe ends
– Aluminum Bar and plate Construction
– Bolt on – No cutting – fits stock piping
– Pressure checked at 45 psi
– 80% more flow space then stock
– 2.5″ inlet / 3.0″ outlet just use a 3″ to 2.5″ reducer if you want to use stock LICP -ask me I have them