2015+ WRX / J pipe / Downpipe Catless

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Product Description

Boost Creep: Everyone is paranoid over the boost creep. If its does happen on this motor with the stock turbo, its rare. The FA20 is a different animal from the EJ motors. I have not heard or any motor blowing from adding a catless jpipe, intake, catback or other mods. I think people are confusing it with over-boosting which often happens when you are in a higher gear at lower rpms and you get on the throttle, this is common in any turbo car.

2015+  WRX – Full 3 inch J pipe / Front pipe / Downpipe Catless Track version. This is one of the nicest pipes made for the 2015 WRX. This pipe connects to the Hotside of the Turbo ,when you remove the stock Cat, you allow the exhaust to escape without a bottle neck the turbo spools faster and enables you to make much more horsepower. This should be one of the first mods for this car.


– 3 inch ID straight Thru design

– 304 stainless steel.

– 10mm flange

– Direct fitment

– Gaskets included

– Track / Off road use Only

This model also available in Hi Flow Cat version