60mm Celsius Digital Oil Temp Gauge White / Amber


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Depo Racing Japan – Same cost as Prosport but the Quality of Defi. Dont Invest your time with a gauge install and use a cheap gauge that is not accurate or will die after a few months. This is the gauge in Japan and Asia that is known to deliver all the accuracy at a fair price. 0 – 140 Celsius includes Mounting Cup, Electric Sender, quick connect pigtail wiring, Visor, Decal and Instructions.

Display: Celsius (gauges pictured may not be Celsius).

60 mm Celsius Super White/Amber Dual View Digital Oil Temperature gauge (Each gauge has both colors, use either or both). Shipping rate to continental US – I will ship anywhere for additional cost.

– Full sweep 270 scale
– LED Backlight
– Opening Ceremony and Ending mode
– Needle self Calibration

– High precision Japanese Stepper Motor
– Fast Japanese Needle response
– Aluminum Bezels
– 27mm Case

– Easy quick connect pin-style wiring
– Digital Display
– No control unit needed

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